Studio A

In Studio A, we have created a unique hybrid of quality digital recording and processing with the unmatched warmth of high-end analog electronics. At the heart of Studio A is our legendary all-discrete API Legacy console: the perfect blend of vintage sound with modern design and reliability. This board has been customized and modified by our chief technician, chief engineer and Paul Wolff of Tonelux designs. In addition, we offer a huge variety of tube and solid state mic preamps, and a tremendous selection of modern and vintage outboard gear to shape your sound. Main monitoring in Studio A is done with our custom built, high-resolution main studio monitors with dual subs.

Analog Tape is always available to give you the ultimate sound with 2” Studer 24-track and ½” Ampex decks. Couple that with top of the line Digital Converters, and it will take your music to a quality you never dreamed of!

Our amazing Microphone collection will give you any texture you desire.

Multiple tracking rooms (up to 7) allow us to accommodate projects of virtually any size. Our engineers’ expertise give you the ability to craft your own personal sound – something that we strongly believe is key to standing out in today’s “cookie-cutter” market. Your music will ultimately sound better, which we know from experience results in stronger sales.