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Custom Studio A Monitors

Critical Listening…These high performance custom-designed studio monitors were custom built to create an extraordinarily accurate representation of your music, which allows our engineers to deliver your mixes at a world-class level. Traditional style main monitors with large wooden horns and compression drivers are no longer necessary to achieve high SPLs and low dynamic compression. Our goal was to have a VERY dynamic monitor capable of playing cleanly at high levels with headroom to spare. At the same time, we wanted a monitor system that was accurate enough to truly mix and master on, and make critical compression and effects settings. The monitors were built with specialized superior quality components, and an extremely inert and overbuilt cabinet. After months of careful measurements, we have achieved a monitor system beyond our expectations. Come hear what many engineers have already called “the best mains I’ve ever heard.” This is not a monitor that one uses just to “impress the clients”, rather it is a tool that allows the discerning engineer a clear window into his mix. PA style dynamic range coupled to mastering studio fidelity and detail. Designed by GBH Acoustics, and Featured on AES Speakers website!